Agriculture Company Plants Seeds for IIoT Data Insights with AspenTech and AWS

Learn how AspenTech Inmation™ and AWS nurture new data insights for a fertilizer company based in Canada.

Nutrien runs the largest vertically integrated agriculture company in the world. With over two dozen manufacturing and processing facilities spread across the globe and nearly 2,000 retail stores in the Americas and Australia, the company collects a lot of data from their industrial operations that is underutilized. The company wanted a way to release data from facility equipment and use it to improve throughput and productivity, predict equipment failures and open the door to a new level of analytical insights.

Working with Spartan Controls, a leading systems integrator for AspenTech, the company adopted AspenTech Inmation (based on system:inmation of Inmation Software GmbH) which securely extracts data from equipment across a plant or enterprise and aggregates it in a data lake on AWS. Once there, people across the organization can access the data. Early results show the near and long-term value of using AspenTech Inmation to centralize, manage and contextualize operational data on AWS for advanced analytics use cases. Read this case study to learn more.

Agriculture Company Plants Seeds for IIoT Data Insights with AspenTech and AWS

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Agriculture company plants seeds for IIoT data insights with AspenTech and AWS

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