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Two Ways to Reduce CAPEX and Support Safety and Sustainability Imperatives

New V12.1 Performance Engineering Solutions

June 03, 2021

Welcome OptiPlant to the AspenTech family!

In December 2020, we delivered an exciting announcement about our acquiring OptiPlant to further strengthen our solutions for owner-operators and EPCs in the process industries. As part of that acquisition, we added Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout™ and Aspen OptiRouter™ to our portfolio of solutions for Performance Engineering.

With a reputation for outstanding domain expertise in 3D conceptual layout and a spirit of innovation, OptiPlant’s team was already helping owner-operators and EPCs identify the best design faster, enabling a shorter time to market and ensuring safety and sustainability imperatives. The integration of their talent and resources with ours also helps expand our vision for Industrial AI with next-generation technology that includes AI-driven conceptual plant layouts.

By combining Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout and other process simulation and estimating tools, a new layer of automation becomes possible and users can cut optioneering time in half to identify the best design faster and save up to 30% on capital costs. 


Cut Optioneering Time by 50%, Save up to 30% on Capital Costs 

Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout is an AI-driven solution with the power to model 3D plant layouts. It helps EPCs and owners increase the development speed of a project and significantly reduce the engineering effort. And leveraging its process simulation, estimating and visualization tools, optioneering and decision making reaches a new level. Users can establish an accurate layout in the early stages of the project, which means achieving a reliable design and even improve the speed for cost estimates. Cut optioneering time by 50% and save up to 30% on capital costs.

From its conception, Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout has embraced the concept of interoperability to leverage your own methods, data, and knowledge. Interoperability means this knowledge generated within Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout  can be shared in an intelligent way with other applications.


Together We Are Stronger 

It’s no secret that AspenTech is transforming the industry through digitalization by addressing day-to-day engineering problems in a smart and efficient way through the integration of multiple solutions that communicate together to achieve an optimal answer.

Enter Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout as part of the concurrent front-end engineering workflow. Knowing that this solution focuses on creating plant layouts, one can only think the results can be more effective if an equipment list and sizing data was already available. Or one can think that since the piping layout can be accurately modeled given a specific arrangement in the site, that other engineering disciplines can benefit.  

This is where Aspen Basic Engineering™ (ABE) and Aspen Capital Cost Estimator™ (ACCE) come into play. 

ABE hosts the information about the equipment pieces that will conform the project, since it can improve the way documentation is kept. The datasheets created through this application already hold sizing data and a number of pieces that will be used. With this information already in your hands,  Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout is ready to start creating the first layout.

On the other hand, estimates created within ACCE must evolve along with the project. When more information becomes available, the estimate must be updated to reflect this new knowledge. Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout  can provide an accurate piping layout in the early stages of a project. This enables piping material takeoffs to be accounted with great precision so you can quickly produce a high quality, accurate estimate.

With the addition of Aspen OptiPlant 3D Layout ’s 3D conceptual layout systems, we extend our front-end engineering workflow to provide greater value for EPCs, design organizations and asset operators. It represents another step forward in our journey to the Self-Optimizing Plant and  in our mission to help customers find the optimal solution to meet business, safety, engineering and construction needs.


Several of these solutions were featured at our recent OPTIMIZE 2021 virtual customer and user conference. You can view many of the sessions on demand until June 30. We encourage you to do so. Click here to see a wealth of available content .





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