The Year Ahead in DEI

February 02, 2023

AspenTech’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) team realized significant achievements during 2022, not the least of which was seeing a significant influx of talented women joining AspenTech! Building on that and many other successes, 2023 promises to be a very bright year indeed. 

As we get into the New Year, we are excited to welcome the newest member of the AspenTech team, Tracy Wuest. Tracy has joined AspenTech as its first-ever Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Tracy is a welcomed leader and will be a crucial, internal resource helping to drive all our 2023 initiatives.  


This is a perfect time to reflect and identify new opportunities to further our progress in building an inclusive and engaged global community that is valued and respected for its unique experiences and perspectives. A strong DEI program is the cumulative effort of everyone in the company, and I look forward to being on this important journey together.”

– Tracy Wuest, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, AspenTech


Among the key focus initiatives in 2023 is mental health. Since COVID began impacting our everyday lives, much attention has been on mental health and the social stigmas that can get in the way of people asking for help. This year, we will be spending more time on the topic by providing helpful resources which our AspenTech employees and community can use to answer questions or seek intervention to improve their mental well-being. Everyone deserves to feel their best, most authentic selves and AspenTech is committed to cultivating an environment of growth and development.  

These values also extend to our recruitment efforts. DEI is a key component in hiring new talent, and that is due to the influence of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). In the past year, we’ve made great progress working directly with the Talent Acquisition team to expand how and where we search for talent. We recognize employee diversity is vital for AspenTech’s ability to grow and innovate in such a fast-changing environment. We are committed to expanding our underrepresented employee populations through both talent acquisition and internal retention programs. The foundation for success in this area is built on our value of Innovation to Create the Future as well as diversity of thought. Avoiding echo chambers and experiencing the wide array of lenses that diversity of thought brings to problem solving helps set AspenTech apart.  

Lastly, in the year ahead, we will continue to work with organizations in the US, Canada and Latin America regarding STEM education for underserved children and hope to expand those conversations into other regions, including Asia Pacific and Europe. Following the model of “if you can see it, you can be it,” we have a wealth of diverse in-house expertise that can serve as mentors and lead these conversations.  

We are looking forward to a year of continued learning, collaboration and growth. Here’s to a wonderful 2023! 

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