Mumbai Management Forum Showcases the Power of AI

Mumbai Management Forum Showcases the Power of AI

December 10, 2019

Mumbai, also known as the “Maximum City,” served as the perfect destination for AspenTech to host our third exclusive Management Forum India event at the Trident Bandra Kurla Hotel. The city’s pulsating vibes match well with AspenTech’s mission to accelerate and transform the industry via digitalization.


With close to 50 executives in attendance, AspenTech President and CEO Antonio Pietri showcased the future of the industry with his keynote presentation titled “Accelerate Your Digitalization Journey: Power the Smart Enterprise of the Future.” In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, self-optimizing plants and supercharged supply chains are critical.


Antonio outlined the concept of an adaptive smart factory with zero breakdowns and zero safety incidents, which can enable companies to achieve stronger business outcomes in terms of both sustainability and operational excellence. Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) is helping companies apply analytics to maximize financial returns throughout the asset lifecycle.


The digital transformation discussion gained momentum as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Asset Performance Management John Hague took center stage. John discussed how companies can mitigate unplanned downtime to be more resilient and reliable, particularly as Industry 4.0 shakes up the global marketplace.


Jaspreet Bindra, digital transformation expert and founder of Digital Matters, drew laughter from the crowd with his lighthearted anecdotes from the world of technology. The “tech whisperer” highlighted that thriving companies in this new era of change need to build a culture of innovation and transform successfully. He also illustrated the importance of focusing on the value chain, drawing on real-world examples such as the advent of autonomous cars and Airbnb, among others.


Senior Vice President of Growth Markets Dr. Filipe Soares-Pinto underscored the urgency for companies to accelerate in their digital transformation journey. And as the evening progressed, the transformative energy took on a life of its own, as executives networked over cocktails and dinner and discussed the possibilities of a future enabled by advanced technology . 



Learn more about the transformative power of digital solutions in our recent executive brief Next-Generation Operational Technologies Enable the Smart Enterprise in a Changing World.

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