AspenTech is a Proud Sponsor of the Second Annual AWS Energy Symposium

June 06, 2023

The energy industry is evolving at a rapid pace due to many factors including the acceleration of the energy transition, new sources of energy production being introduced into the energy mix, increasing electrification across industries, changing customer behaviors and expectations, and the need to provide reliable, affordable energy to meet current demand. These drivers are all a part of more interconnected, data-rich, increasingly complex energy systems.

Last month, the AspenTech team participated in the 2nd annual AWS Energy Symposium. As a launch partner for the AWS Energy competency, we were proud to meet with our customers and partners for the second year in a row.

The symposium focused on how the energy systems of the future will enable organizations to optimize their businesses and accelerate innovation through new, data-driven solutions—based on AWS technologies and supported by next gen connectivity solutions.

We are proud to have achieved AWS Competencies in three categories – Internet of Things (IoT), Energy, and Industrial and Manufacturing – which distinguishes AspenTech within the AWS Partner network as having specific proficiencies. The designations recognize that AspenTech has demonstrated deep expertise helping customers leverage AWS cloud technology to transform complex systems and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Partnering together, AspenTech and AWS offer solutions that provide our customers with flexibility and scalability benefits to achieve greater automation, improve resource efficiencies and drive overall operational excellence that supports a carbon-neutral future. Our solutions help companies meet strategic goals, end-to-end, today and tomorrow.

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