Adaptive Process Control

Maintain and expand APC benefit improvements with patented technology that automatically adapts and optimizes to ever-changing plant conditions.

Advanced Process Control

Increase production by up to 5%, reduce energy usage by 10% and improve yields by 3% with the most profit-hungry engine available for advanced process control.

Integrated CDU & Preheat Train Optimization

Meet product demands and simultaneously reduce energy consumption with a single solution to optimize the entire crude distillation unit operation.

Heat Exchanger Design

Select the optimum heat exchanger size and rating when both cost and performance must be balanced through rigorous up-to-date integrated modeling capabilities.

Gas Compression Analysis

Optimize compression without risking failure. Make changes to compressor operations with the accuracy and ease provided by dynamic compressor templates.

Sulfur Recovery Unit Optimization

Increase production, reduce OPEX and meet regulations by modeling the complexities of the SRU and the full gas plant.

Concurrent Conceptual Engineering

Simultaneous engineering and costing, heat exchanger design, Optioneering, Concurrent Conceptual Engineering, Risk Analysis

Tuning Models with Plant Data

Models that match reality by calibrating them to plant data for improved design and revamp with process understanding through validation with historical data.

Distillation Design & Revamps

Cut CAPEX and prevent issues by selecting optimal trays and packings with interactive plots built using correlations and process simulation data.

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