Optimize Energy Efficiency in Engineering Processes.

Activated Energy Analysis rapidly reduces process energy consumptions and expenditures of heat exchanger networks easily within Aspen Plus® or Aspen HYSYS®.

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Identify energy and greenhouse gas reduction early in the design process.

Activated Energy Analysis brings energy management software into the simulator and compares actual process heating and cooling consumptions and costs against targeted values—refreshing when process conditions change. Activated Energy Analysis quickly identifies changes to the heat exchanger network, such as exchanger additions or relocations to recover energy in the process.  This can be combined with the entire Activation workflow to maximize process parameter definition and optimization.

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Develop effective process changes to maximize energy-saving opportunities.

Multiple energy analysis projects can be added to a single process simulation, allowing the user to rapidly compare the efficacy of different modifications and adjustments to the heat exchanger network.  For individual exchangers in the heat exchanger network, ideas for design changes that will maximize energy saving opportunities are automatically identified by Activated Energy Analysis.

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Optimize energy savings with alternative design options.

Activated Energy Analysis develops up to 11 individual process solutions to reduce energy consumption through heat exchanger network optimization.  These solutions can be compounded and finely-tuned to incorporate operational constraints in the Energy Analysis environment.  This allows users to choose between the best design solutions to the heat exchanger network without spending extra time on research.


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Use rigorous heat exchanger models to improve energy analysis results.

 Rigorous exchanger models obtained from Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating offer the most accurate heat exchanger network solutions in Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus simulation. Heat transfer coefficients and other parameters can be transferred to exchangers of the heat exchanger network in the flowsheet when retrofitting the process, which improves the accuracy of energy analysis results.

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View detailed heat integration information.

Once Activated Energy Analysis is launched in an Aspen HYSYS or Aspen Plus simulation, a stand-alone copy of Aspen Energy Analyzer can be opened directly from the Energy Analysis environment.  This allows the user to view the heat exchanger network grid diagrams and composite curves for further analysis.

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Reduce the learning curve with Online Training.

Learn about AspenTech’s energy management software product features and workflows or refine skills on advanced topics with video tutorials and Computer Based Training (CBT) courses.  CBT courses, accessible from within Aspen HYSYS or Aspen Plus, provide users with a structured learning path.