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People, Planet, Profits: Digital Strategies for a Circular Economy

While most chemical companies have sustainability initiatives in place with varying reliance on digital technologies to achieve these goals, challenges remain. What are the key enablers to eliminate emissions and waste, extend material use and regenerate natural systems? How do new innovations accelerate this effort?

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Challenges and Opportunities of the Circular Economy

Sustainability remains top-of-mind for most executives as they work to balance environmental concerns with business performance. Digital solutions have emerged as a key enabler to help companies make progress toward their sustainability goals.

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Prevent Operational Issues in Gas Treating with Aspen HYSYS®

A small operational issue in dehydration, acid gas treating, or sulfur recovery units can turn into a loss of production—or worse, a frustrating and costly shutdown. Keep on top of operations and prevent issues in design with insight from process simulation designed for accuracy and full gas plant integration. Learn how the latest technology in Aspen HYSYS can empower you to troubleshoot and prevent issues in dehydration units, make confident decisions around acid gas units with predictive modeling and much more!

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