Aspen Petroleum Scheduler

Aspen Petroleum Scheduler allows you to simultaneously schedule all key petroleum refinery activities within a single multi-user environment.

Aspen GDOT

AspenTech's Aspen GDOT solution allows you to improve margins and make plants more capable using advanced closed-loop dynamic optimization in real-time.

The Self-Optimizing Plant

Самооптимизирующееся предприятие

Aspen User Certification Program

The Aspen User Certification Program helps users build competence, gain recognition and advance professionally.

Aspen Expert-Led Training

Hands on Instructor-led classes that are interactive, guided, and personalized to help you use Aspen products to solve industry relevant problems.



Aspen Self-Paced eLearning

Comprehensive on-demand digital training to solve your complex process engineering and operational problems.

Artificial Intelligence of Things

Build, deploy, and host industrial artificial intelligence applications at enterprise speed and scale for your business self-optimizing plant and shop floor.

Aspen Competency Development and Sustainment

Aspen Competency Development and Sustainment

Industrial AI from AspenTech

Use AspenTech’s industrial AI solutions to insights, automate processes and improve operational efficiencies with built-in AI and domain expertise.

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