Asset Performance Management

Applications designed for maintenance, reliability, process and operational personnel to deliver on operational excellence and sustainability goals by optimizing asset availability, ensuring product quality and quantifying risk/reward of plant and enterprise decisions. 

Delivering on the Promise of Prescriptive Maintenance

Delivering on the Promise of Prescriptive Maintenance

Leading asset-intensive companies are using prescriptive maintenance—powered by AI and machine learning—to unlock the value and productivity lying uncaptured in assets. Using a scalable, easy to imple...

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Improve Asset Reliability with Aspen Mtell

Over the past 40 years, maintenance best practices have greatly improved, but equipment continues to break down. So how can asset reliability be improved? With Aspen Mtell prescriptive maintenance sof...


OCP Ecuador’s Journey to Reduce Maintenance Costs with Aspen Mtell

It’s hardly a secret that equipment downtime is costly – studies have shown that even small failures can cost hundreds of dollars per minute.


Accelerate Market Growth with New Advances in Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Solution Brief: Accelerate Market Growth with New Advances in Process Analytical Technology

Pharmaceutical companies, CDMOs and CMOs continue to grapple with the tension between meeting the demand for increasingly diverse pharmaceutical products and the escalating challenges in ensuring supp...

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Video: Improve Process Efficiency and Product Quality with Aspen ProMV

Improve Process Efficiency and Product Quality with Aspen ProMV®

For chemical and petrochemical producers, reducing emissions and minimizing disruptions to process requires analyzing and monitoring vast amounts of disparate process data. In this video, learn how Pe...

Case Study: How Braskem Idesa Increased Reactor Uptime by Over 20% Using Existing Data and Resource

How Braskem Idesa Increased Reactor Uptime by Over 20% Using Existing Data and Resources

In this case study, learn how Braskem Idesa used Aspen ProMV™ to proactively identify and correct for conditions that historically led to high reactor fouling.

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Aspen Fidelis Reliability and CapEx video

Aspen Fidelis™ and CapEx

Aspen Fidelis enables plant managers to identify the optimum approach for improving throughput at the lowest cost. In this video, see how this powerful tool can run hundreds of event-driven Monte Carl...

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Improve Decision Agility with Aspen Mtell® and Aspen Fidelis™

Machine learning technology can now predict equipment failures weeks in advance. But how do you decide when and how to perform the repair to maximize productivity and minimize risk? In this video, lea...

Aspen Fidelis Video: How to Improve Decision Making Across Asset Lifecycle

Aspen Fidelis™: Empowering Confident Decision Making

See how Aspen Fidelis enables any engineer in any department to identify the cause of lost operational availability and justify important decisions.


Award-Winning AI Technology

Processing Magazine Breakthrough Product Award

Processing Magazine names Aspen Mtell as a “Breakthrough Product” of 2021

Pharma Manufacturing Innovation Award

Aspen Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solution named Pharma Manufacturing 2021 Pharma Innovation Award Winner


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Aspen Mtell

Aspen Mtell®

Get early and accurate warning of when an asset failure will occur, how the failure will occur and what to do about it.

Aspen Fidelis Reliability

Aspen Fidelis™

Prioritize spending by identifying facility bottlenecks, quantifying system capabilities and predicting future performance with accurate simulations of “what-if” scenarios.

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Get early and accurate warnings on process health deviations with insights to prevent off-spec product, maintain efficiency and rapidly optimize operations.

Process Pulse

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Receive early and accurate warnings of product health issues to improve product quality, reduce waste and support PAT, in compliance with regulatory requirements.