Aspen METTE™

Aspen METTE is an integrated flow assurance and production modeling software solution that provides flow performance calculations for wells and flow lines, and integrated field modeling for life-of-field simulation and optimization.

Case Study

Leading Resource Company Reduces Risk, Lowers Costs in Mine Planning with EarthStudy 360 Full-Azimuth Imaging

A leading resource company with global operations in oil, gas and mining needed to obtain information beyond conventional time and depth migration and improve a mining plan, bearing in mind that fracturing which results in a water inflow during production can be costly.


Aspen Geolog™

Aspen Geolog has long been considered the industry standard for advanced petrophysical analysis and formation evaluation.


Aspen Sysdrill™

A comprehensive application for well planning, survey management and drilling engineering analysis.


Aspen Echos™

Aspen Echos is the oil and gas industry’s benchmark seismic processing solution for generating 2D and 3D seismic images of the subsurface.


Virtual Flow Metering (VFM): Aspen METTE™

Download this data sheet for information on Aspen METTE Virtual Flow Metering (VFM), a powerful, web-based application that analyzes real-time sensor measurements to estimate the flow of oil, gas and water.


Aspen Tempest™

Aspen Tempest, an integrated software suite used in hundreds of installations worldwide, provides a single, consistent interface specifically designed for E&P reservoir engineers.


Aspen RMS™

Discover how Aspen RMS 3D modeling software, an industry-leading geoscience and reservoir engineering collaboration platform, enables faster, more robust and reliable production models, improved decision making, more justifiable investments and enhanced field performance, leading to higher recovery rates in even the most complex reservoirs.


Aspen SKUA™

For more than 20 years, Aspen SKUA has led the industry in providing advanced capabilities for geological and reservoir modeling. With a simple-to-use, workflow-based interface, users can obtain results quickly. And when the modeling gets tough, Aspen SKUA handles complexities that other solutions cannot.


aspenONE V14 — Innovation to Address the Dual Challenge

Our customers sit at the forefront of addressing the Dual Challenge – meeting the increasing demand from a growing population but in a sustainable way. The innovations in V14 are designed specifically for this purpose.

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