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Webinar: Big Picture What-Ifs: Quantifying the Business Impact of Maintenance Decisions

Warnings and alerts are not new in the industrial world as some predictive alerts can provide months of warning of catastrophic events. The challenge is how to prioritize and respond to these predictive alerts in a more systematic manner that benefits all areas of an organization.

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Delivering on the Promise of Prescriptive Maintenance

Leading asset-intensive companies are using prescriptive maintenance—powered by AI and machine learning—to unlock the value and productivity lying uncaptured in assets. Using a scalable, easy to implement prescriptive maintenance solution, companies can improve the accuracy of failure detection, increase the advance notification period of asset downtime events and reduce maintenance spend.

Case Study

Digital Supply Chain Helps FPCO Reduce Emissions and Waste, Meet Sustainability Goals

FP Corporation (FPCO) is Japan’s largest manufacturer of food containers and a logistics service provider delivering a range of products to stores engaged in food distribution. They needed to provide stable and responsive food distribution in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Case Study

Análisis estadístico multivariable encuentra la causa de un problema de alta viscosidad en el aceite de enfriamiento

Una de las empresas más grandes a nivel mundial para productos químicos, plásticos y de refinación utilizó Aspen ProMV para entender y resolver sus problemas de producción causado por un problema de alta viscosidad en el aceite de enfriamiento. En este caso de estudio conozca cómo Aspen ProMV permitió a la empresa a destacar las principales variables de proceso que están altamente correlacionadas con problemas de viscosidad y que guio rápidamente a los ingenieros de proceso al problema subyacente para limitar las pérdidas.

Case Study

Multivariate Statistical Analysis Finds Cause of Quench Oil High-Viscosity Issue

One of the world's largest chemical, plastic and refining companies used Aspen ProMV to understand and resolve production problems caused by an ongoing quench oil high-viscosity issue. In this case study, learn how Aspen ProMV enabled the company to highlight the top process variables highly correlated with viscosity issues, and quickly guided process engineers to the underlying issue to limit losses.

Case Study

Multivariate Statistical Analysis Finds the Bad Actors in Light Component Losses

This petrochemical company launched an Aspen ProMV™ pilot project to investigate light component losses that go to the bottom of a fractionation column and pressurize the downstream column. Using Aspen ProMV for continuous processes, a model was developed, and bad actors that are highly correlated to the light product loss were identified. Aspen ProMV’s optimization tool was also utilized to provide better operating conditions to reduce losses.

Case Study

Shell Adopts Global Supply Chain Process to Increase Profitability and Drive an “Enterprise First” Strategy

After the company identified uncommon operating procedures at each of its many refineries — which led to inefficiencies and lower margins — Shell launched “Enterprise First,” an initiative designed to standardize processes and technology across the organization. The key to driving this strategy — and meeting its objectives — is an integrated aspenONE® Supply Chain Management solution that helps Shell optimize refinery production, reduce costs and increase margin.


8 Tips for Streamlining Product Deployment

Make your software installations easier by following these eight tips for deploying AspenTech software.

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Investigue y diagnostique eventos rápidamente con Aspen Event Analytics ™

Los eventos inesperados pueden perturbar las operaciones y crear problemas prolongados de calidad y seguridad. Los operadores de primera línea pueden estar mal equipados con las herramientas o habilidades para analizar y rectificar rápidamente las perturbaciones. Afortunadamente, las nuevas aplicaciones de IA industrial ofrecen análisis y visualizaciones avanzadas para ayudar a los equipos a actuar rápidamente.

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Webinar with Plant Services: Asset Performance Management - A Layered Approach to Financially Optimized Asset Performance

Volatility in today’s markets is driving innovation across the Asset Performance Management (APM) space, demanding new levels of operational excellence and more dynamic approaches to achieve company goals. A holistic solution looks beyond just optimizing maintenance processes to deliver Financially Optimized Asset Performance. AspenTech refers to this as Autonomous Reliability.

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