Interview with an Expert

Digital Transformation with Vertical Integration: an Expert’s Perspective

Digital transformation seeks to use technology to achieve your goals: fewer errors, more production, better product quality and improved customer service. The vertical integration of enterprise and IT technologies — also known as “smart manufacturing” or Industry 4.0 — synchronizes commercial systems, such as production orders from the enterprise resource planning system, with manufacturing systems like the distributed control systems, weigh scales or barcode readers. Learn how you how can reduce product quality errors, batch cycle times and operating costs through vertical integration.

Interview with an Expert

Achieving New Levels of Efficiency and Reliability Through Performance Management Systems

Peter Thuering shares his insight into how specialty chemicals companies are utilizing performance management systems to increase productivity and efficiency, including some of his recent experiences with customers in the industry.

Interview with an Expert

Alcance Nuevos Niveles de Eficiencia Y Confiabilidad A Través de Sistemas de Gestión de Desempeño

Peter Thuering comparte su percepción acerca de cómo las compañías productoras de Químicos de Especialidad están usando Sistemas de Gestión de Desempeño para incrementar productividad y eficiencia, incluyendo algunas de sus experiencias recientes con clientes de la industria.

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