Case Study

Japanese Manufacturer Uses Dynamic Simulation to Increase Productivity with No Additional CAPEX

Kaneka Corporation is a Japanese chemicals manufacturer, specializing in the production of polymers and resins. Recently, higher market demand for functional resin was resulting in significantly greater demand for one of Kaneka’s high-value products. The company needed to increase production quickly to meet the rising demand, and it wanted to do so without making any significant additional capital investment.

Case Study

Researchers Develop More Efficient Oleochemical Fractionation with AspenTech® Performance Engineering

This case study details the work done at the Universiti Malaysia Pahang to research oleochemical fractionation to how to make the process more sustainable, reducing process carbon footprint. The case study explores the AspenTech solutions implemented as well as the value created.

Case Study

Corteva Uses Hybrid Models for More Accurate Predictions and Improved Maintenance

In this case study, learn how Corteva Agriscience, an American agricultural chemical and seed company, resolved their frequent reboiler shutdowns by using Aspen Hybrid Models™. By combining plant data and AI within an Aspen Plus® model, Corteva improved the heat transfer and duty predictions to provide guidance for a better maintenance strategy.

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