Case Study

Petro Rabigh Uses Aspen Hybrid Models™ to Improve Margin and Reduce Operational Risk

Petro Rabigh wanted to improve margins for refinery products, to do so, they needed to identify the most optimal production yields and qualities of their refinery and petrochemical products.


Boost Manufacturing Productivity Through Digital Solutions

“Everything is so visual and intuitive in ASE. It makes it so easy for me to keep up to date on what is happening in manufacturing and what I need to do any given day.”


Ecopetrol Selects Aspen GDOT™ to Improve Margins and Navigate the Dual Challenge

Watch this video to learn how Aspen GDOT can help accelerate your digital transformation initiatives, improve refining margins and meet sustainability goals.


AspenTech Dynamic Optimization Technology Recognized for Achievements in Refining

The award recognized the AspenTech's successful track record of nearly two decades delivering significant improvements in margin and energy efficiency through its innovative closed loop, multi-unit dynamic optimization technology.

On-Demand Webinar

Updating velocity models and structural models through the time preserving tomography method

This webinar presents a methodology, using a dataset from the Andean Foothills of Colombia, that synchronizes geophysical tomography and geomodelling through the project life cycle, guaranteeing an updated structural model and generating a geologically plausible velocity model.

Case Study

Aspen Geolog Facimage™ Reveals High-Productivity Areas in an Unconventional Reservoir

This was one of the first unconventional hydrocarbon plays undertaken by a major operator in the thick stratigraphic interval of the Montney Formation, Altares area in Northern British Colombia.


AspenTech Advanced Process Control Solution for the Metals and Mining Industry

Transform your mining operations and empower your mineral processing engineers with the AspenTech Advanced Process Control solution's industrial AI technology.


AspenTech and AWS Win IoT Partner Ecosystem of the Year

Leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Internet-of-Things market, IoT Breakthrough has awarded AspenTech and AWS with the IoT Partner Ecosystem of the Year award!


Mantenimiento prescriptivo: Una necesidad para la metalurgia y la minería

Una solución de mantenimiento prescriptivo permite que las operaciones mineras fluyan de manera más eficiente, rentable y con menos riesgos ambientales y de seguridad, mostrando rápidamente el ROI".


Prescriptive Maintenance: A Necessity for Metals and Mining

A prescriptive maintenance solution allows mining operations to flow more efficiently, profitably and with fewer safety and environmental risks while quickly showing ROI.

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