Case Study

Marathon Petroleum Corporation Upgrades Refineries to Full Refinery Scheduling with Aspen Petroleum Scheduler™

Discover how Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) used Aspen Petroleum Scheduler (APS) to develop a single cradle-to-grave barrel tracking system. Once MPC started using APS, they could provide operations with better targets on unit rates and reduce the number of operational changes that were made by 70%. This allowed the process units to spend more time on a stable operation.

White Paper

Addressing Complex Challenges with Rundown Blending in Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer

The refining market is ever evolving due to market trends continuously changing. Typically, refiners use spreadsheets to develop a schedule, but are often limited to time-based scheduling due to spreadsheet limitations. In Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer, schedulers use rundown components continuously, while respecting tank inventories and constraints, to generate a refinery-wide blend schedule on a single database. Download this white paper to learn more today!

White Paper

Don’t Leave Your Refinery’s Profits on the Table

Discover how advanced process simulation technology improves crude distillation unit operations.

Case Study

Eni Develops New APC Application and Achieves Significant Benefits - All Within 6 Weeks

Find out how global energy company Eni uses AspenTech’s innovative Adaptive Process Control to pilot new applications, optimize performance, and reduce maintenance time and effort.


It’s a VUCA World – Make Sure Your Supply Chain Is Prepared

When supply chain and operations are aligned, chemical companies gain a competitive advantage.


The Digital Path

Digital transformation emerged as a dominant topic at the DOWNSTREAM 2019 event in Houston earlier this month


Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

A step change in quality or processing time of your final products could be a process change away, but what do you try first? How do you know if this is even an option?

Advanced Process Control

Increase production by up to 5%, reduce energy usage by 10% and improve yields by 3% with the most profit-hungry engine available for advanced process control.

Crude Flexibility Analysis

Quickly analyze the feasibility of crude blends through accurate determination of stream yields and properties at any point in the refinery process.

Monitoring Heat Exchanger Fouling

Learn how you can better monitor your heat exchanger fouling levels using AspenTech solution

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