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Oil and Gas News ME - Achieving Sustainable Operations in Capital Intensive Industries

Achieving Sustainable Operations in Capital Intensive Industries

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2022 AI Predictions from AspenTech

Bangkok Post 2022 AI predictions from AspenTech Generational workforce changes will accelerate knowledge automation Industrial data scientists emerge to facilitate industrial AI strategy AI investments shift from generic models to more precise industrial AI Executive ownership and cultural change will accelerate industrial AI deployments


Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at OPTIMIZE 2021

At OPTIMIZE 2021 there were two DE&I sessions. This blog captures takeaways from the events and reinforces our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Employee Reflections as AspenTech Turns 40

As we begin our next decade, several long-time AspenTech employees reflect on what it has been like being part of the company over the years.


Celebrating Black Excellence in STEM

This year for Black History Month, we are celebrating Black Excellence in STEM. ​Black talent is still underrepresented in this field, but history has shown that Black creators surely did earn their seat at the table.


AspenTech Pride 2021

AspenTech celebrated Pride as a company for the first time this year. Our LGBTQ chapter lead reflects on the experience in this blog.

Interview with an Expert

Navigating Pharma Scheduling Challenges During Periods of Volatility and Supply Chain Disruptions

In this interview, Cade VanRooyen describes the complex decisions master schedulers face and how digital scheduling solutions can significantly improve the consistent on-time delivery of life-saving medicines.

Case Study

GSK Creates a Future-Ready Supply Chain with Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) implemented Aspen Mtell® to increase the robustness of their pharma supply chains by preventing unplanned production downtime.


Eliminating Equipment Downtime and Driving Process Improvements

Imagine a scenario where everyone involved in a process agrees on the best course of action based on facts vs. assumptions. Unlock the benefits of multivariate analytics with AspenTech APM solutions.


APM and Industrial AI Bring Untapped Value to Food and Beverage Manufacturing

APM technology, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and AI play a large role for the food and beverage processing industry, driving positive results and sustained growth.

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