Planning and Scheduling in Pharma: The Future is Digital

In this blog, we dive deeper into one of these digital accelerators: fully digital solutions for planning and scheduling.

Executive Brief

Achieving Better Design and Sustainability Outcomes with Concurrent Engineering

The data generated during conceptual design and FEED are quickly becoming more strategically important. From understanding emissions and energy use to a more comprehensive understanding of layout and project costs, owners and their engineering firms are placing more emphasis on early understanding of design choices. But with complexity of the design projects, the development of such important information can often be slow, inefficient and prone to errors. What’s needed is a more comprehensive, collaborative process, supported by digital tools that help foster a growing, collective wisdom about the project, across disciplines, and parties.


OGN: Achieving Sustainable Operations in Capital-intensive Industries

Companies in capital-intensive industries are facing a dual challenge—meeting the growing demand for resources and higher standards of living from a growing population while also addressing sustainability goals. And to succeed they will require new levels of operational excellence.


Agent Scalability with AspenTech® APM 4.0

Unexpected disturbances and shutdowns severely impact the bottom line of any manufacturing facility. The AspenTech APM 4.0 portfolio uses agents that can be quickly and easily replicated across all plant assets to assure production and avoid unnecessary maintenance. Watch the video to learn how APM 4.0 delivers an all-inclusive approach to efficiency, productivity, and safety, to support operational excellence and manufacturers’ bottom line.

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Optimize Hydrogen, Improve Margins with Dynamic Optimization

Hydrogen is an essential yet often limited resource for refiners, with demand increasing due to processing of renewable feedstocks. In addition, hydrogen production is very expensive, particularly with the recent rise in natural gas prices and the significant, costly CO2 emissions it generates. Now more than ever before, refiners need an effective way to manage the hydrogen supply-and-demand balance.

Interactive Infographic

Digitalize Batch Execution and Records With Aspen Production Execution Manager™

How are you keeping up with growing demand? Digitalize batch execution and records with Aspen Production Execution Manager™ to accelerate time-to-market with accuracy while maintaining regulatory compliance.


Molecules, Electrons, and Moonshots: Opening Day at CERAWeek

CERAWeek is back, live and in full force for its 40th anniversary. As usual, the conference started with an impressive lineup of heads of state and multinational corporations.


International Women's Day 2022

As part of our annual International Women’s Day (IWD) celebration, we look at the past year, which had much to celebrate for the AspenTech Women’s Leadership Forum.

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Managing Asset Health by Combining Behavior Patterns with FMEA

As it relates to asset reliability, Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is a process to identify potential failures in a system as well as their causes and effects. By combining predictive maintenance technology with FMEA tools, companies can associate causation with known failures and their suggested FMEA remedies – leading to earlier intervention, minimized equipment damage, fewer process interruptions and improved production yields.

Case Study

Aspen Mtell® oferece maior rendimento, maior disponibilidade de ativos e um menor custo de manutenção para a Veracel

Grandes aumentos na demanda significam que os fabricantes de celulose e papel exigem que seus equipamentos funcionem com mais eficiência e por períodos mais longos, sem a necessidade de supervisão constante de manutenção.

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