Prescriptive Maintenance Unlocks Value for Bapco

Abdulrahim Mohammed discusses lessons learned from recent deployment of Aspen Mtell as a prescriptive maintenance solution at Bapco


Five Ways Pharma Manufacturers Can Prepare for the Next Crisis

The Pharmaceuticals industry has long faced criticism over lagging behind high benchmarks in manufacturing. With Digitalization, many of these criticisms can be addressed before the next health crisis becomes an issue.

Case Study

OCP Ecuador Uses Prescriptive Maintenance to Accurately Identify Asset Failure and Reduce Maintenance Costs

OCP Ecuador is a midstream oil and gas company that transports, stores and ships crude oil. With assets installed in remote locations along its 485-kilometer pipeline, the company needed a maintenance solution that would enable them to predict and prevent equipment failures before they occurred. With Aspen Mtell® prescriptive maintenance, the company can now continuously monitor its critical assets for impending failure, using both process and mechanical data.


Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month at AspenTech

Join some of the members of our LatinX Leadership forum in learning about cultural activities and games

On Demand Webinar

The New Asset Maintenance & Reliability Solution from AWS and AspenTech

This webinar explains how to predict when equipment needs maintenance with a fully automated solution that includes Aspen Mtell® and the AWS Cloud

Case Study

Repsol Leverages Control Tower Solution to Manage Its Integrated Business Value Chain

Achieves ROI over 10x with a Payback Period of < 6 months with AspenTech and Microsoft Technology


A Call to Action for Pharma Manufacturers: Rise to the Challenge of Global Medicine Access With the Help of Digitalization

Operational efficiency and visibility brought on by digital transformation can help improve how pharmaceutical manufacturers do their critical part in improving equitable access and availability of medicine around the world.


The Intelligent Mine and How to Build It

Review the benefits of embracing digital optimization and predictive/prescriptive maintenance in the context of improving mining operations.


ARC Insights Report: Digital Capabilities to Advance the Circular Economy

This report addresses how industry leaders in the chemical and petro-chemical industries are leveraging digital technology as a key component of the transition to a circular model of production and consumption and as part of an overall path to sustainability of operations. Based on ARC research and analysis, this report also provides recommended action for owner-operators and other technology users.


AspenTech Partners with Microsoft Energy Data Services

New open, developer-ready platform connects once disparate energy data sets to applications on an enterprise-grade OSDU™ Data Platform

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