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How Veracel Increased Plant Availability and Throughput with Predictive Maintenance

It’s more crucial than ever to ensure high asset availability with fewer production losses. AI-powered predictive maintenance solutions help by providing early and accurate warnings of potential failures.

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4 Steps to Optimize Outcomes Across Your Pharma Value Chain Network

The pandemic heightened the need for agility and resiliency within the supply chain. Speed to market remains a top business imperative as we move into the next normal for pharma.

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26th Annual ARC Industry Forum

February 14-17, 2022 - Orlando, Florida | March 7-10, 2022 - Online Join us at this year’s ARC Industry Forum—either in person or online—to learn how today’s digital solutions help you achieve operational excellence while addressing your increased focus on sustainability and the circular economy. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with our experts, share your unique challenges and discover how industrial AI-powered technologies drive significant, measurable gains across your operations.

Case Study

OCP Ecuador Uses Prescriptive Maintenance to Accurately Identify Asset Failure and Reduce Maintenance Costs

In this case study, discover how OCP Ecuador used prescriptive maintenance to accurately identify asset failure and reduce maintenance costs. With three times the initial investment returned in less than five months, OCP Ecuador is planning to scale Aspen Mtell® to protect 13 additional assets in the near future - and to scale across the enterprise in the coming years.

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The Untold Benefits of a Digital Maintenance Strategy for Pharma

Increasingly, the conventional ways of maintaining pharma equipment call for a digital alternative. Non-wear-based failures such as operating excursion and changes in operation plans make up to 80% of equipment failures. By embracing Pharma 4.0—including today’s predictive and prescriptive maintenance technologies—you can mitigate unplanned downtime, improving production and accelerating your critical time-to-market goals.

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Cumplir con la promesa del mantenimiento prescriptivo

Las empresas líderes en uso intensivo de activos están utilizando el mantenimiento prescriptivo, impulsado por inteligencia artificial y machine learning, para desbloquear el valor y la productividad que se encuentran sin utilizar en los activos. Al emplear una solución de mantenimiento prescriptivo escalable y fácil de implementar, las empresas pueden mejorar la precisión de la detección de fallas, aumentar el período de notificación anticipada de los paros de planta y reducir los costos de mantenimiento.

Production Optimization for Commodity Polymers

Close the gap between planning and execution by improving asset utilization and ensuring efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Production Optimization for Specialty Chemicals

Close the gap between planning and execution by improving asset utilization and ensuring efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes.


Marching Towards Continuous Manufacturing to the Beat of Regulatory Guidance

The lighthouse organizations that have paved the way are showing that continuous manufacturing is viable and scalable, lending to greater throughput and consistency in drug quality and ultimately decreasing time-to-market.


Artificial Intelligence can Elevate Pharma Manufacturing

Unnecessary downtime can be expensive for pharmaceutical manufacturing operations; unplanned stoppages can delay the delivery of much needed product, potentially causing damage to a company's reputation.

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