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Players and Slayers In Specialty Chemicals

To be a leading 'player' today's specialty chemicals environment, overcoming these challenges is crucial to staying competitive and ensuring the entire supply chain is optimized.

Executive Brief

Optimizing Outcomes Across the Pharma Value Chain Network

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for agility and resiliency within the supply chain for pharmaceutical companies. It is clear that speed to market will remain a top business imperative as we move into the next normal for pharma.


Optimizing Outcomes Across the Pharma Value Chain Network

AspenTech provides AI-enabled digital solutions that help customers optimize outcomes across the pharma value chain network using a holistic approach to digital transformation in an ever-changing world. Learn how our approach ensures the security of supply and pushes the boundaries and limits of what is possible for optimization, multiplying performance gains from digital transformation in this video.


How and Why Pharmaceutical Manufacturers are Applying Artificial Intelligence

Advances in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) are starting to have a significant impact on automation technologies used across industry—most notably with machine vision and analytics. And some of the more impactful applications of AI are happening in the pharmaceutical industries. Learn more in this article from Automation World.

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Optimizing Outcomes Across the Pharma Value Chain Network featuring Axendia

The ability of bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver quality drug products during challenging market conditions is critical for ensuring sustainability over the long run. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need to transform the traditional bio-pharmaceutical supply chain to have greater agility and resiliency during market swings and periods of volatility.

Case Study

Digital Supply Chain Helps FPCO Reduce Emissions and Waste, Meet Sustainability Goals

FP Corporation (FPCO) is Japan’s largest manufacturer of food containers and a logistics service provider delivering a range of products to stores engaged in food distribution. They needed to provide stable and responsive food distribution in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Case Study

Grande Produtora Europeia de Petroquímicos implementa software de Planejamento e Programação para Elastômeros e Estirenos

Saiba como um grande produtor químico europeu implementou o aspenONE Supply Chain Management, integrado ao sistema SAP ERP, e conseguiu reduzir os inventários em 20%, alcançar 97% nas entregas “on-time” e reduzir o número de transições de campanha em 20%.

Case Study

Importante fábrica química europea implementa software de planeación y programación para elastómeros y estirénicos

Conozca cómo una importante fábrica química europea implementó aspenONE Supply Chain Management y la integró con su sistema ERP de SAP pudiendo así reducir sus inventarios en un 20%, alcanzar un 97% de precisión para entregas a tiempo y reducir el número de transiciones de campaña en un 20%.

Case Study

Major European Chemical Producer Implements Planning and Scheduling Software for Elastomers and Styrenics

Learn how a major European chemical producer implemented aspenONE® Supply Chain Management, integrated to their SAP ERP system, and was able to reduce inventories by 20%, achieve 97% on time deliveries, and reduce the number of campaign transitions by 20%.

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