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Prescriptive Analytics from Aspen Enterprise Insights improves project and operations performance using actional data insights to monitor assets and streamline workflows.


The Future Starts with the Digital Mine

The future starts with the digital mine, and AspenTech is here to help you on your journey. With solutions like predictive analytics, get early, accurate warnings of equipment failures, increase throughput by reducing unplanned downtime and improve safety by identifying potential risks well in advance. Learn how digital solutions like machine learning, advanced process control, digital twin and more have the power to transform mining.

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Solving your Dual Challenge through Innovation and Expertise

AspenTech is excited to announce the integration of OSI, Inc. and E&P Software, providing new capabilities including Digital Grid Management and Subsurface Science & Engineering. See how the new AspenTech delivers proven results that support your Dual Challenge, meeting the needs of a higher standard of living for a rapidly growing population while achieving your sustainability and profitability goals.


Mastering the Dual Challenge

Meeting the demands of today without compromising the expectations of tomorrow will require a balance between operational excellence and sustainability. View this video and learn how the new AspenTech is ready to help you overcome these challenges with proven, digital solutions that are focused on creating a sustainable future for all.


Eliminating the Surprise of Unplanned Downtime

To remain agile, competitive and profitable long term, mine operators must focus on the critical need to integrate digital capabilities into their operations as much—and as quickly—as possible. Digitalization can help boost performance for companies across the metals and mining value chain.


Impulsando negocios sostenibles y rentables

A medida que las empresas de energía, química y EPC continúan ajustándose a una nueva normalidad, el enfoque en cumplir los objetivos de sustentabilidad es una prioridad principal para los líderes de la industria. La digitalización y la IA son fundamentales para ayudar a las empresas a avanzar en sus esfuerzos de sustentabilidad. Mire este video y descubra cómo la IA industrial combina machine learning con un conocimiento profundo de la industria para ayudarlo a tomar decisiones más rápidas e inteligentes que reducen las emisiones y los desechos, acercándolo a cero emisiones netas de carbono.



本报告由普林斯顿大学名誉教授罗伯特·索科洛(Robert Socolow)共同撰写,阐述了最近一项调查的结果,该调查旨在更好地了解行业领导者在规划可持续未来时所采取的战略和行动。

Live Events

Mining Indaba 2022

Join AspenTech at Investing in African Mining Indaba (Mining Indaba) on 9 – 12 May in Cape Town at the CTICC. Bringing together more than 6,500 mining professionals, this highly influential event is solely dedicated to the capitalization and development of mining interests in Africa. Stop by booth 1202, Hall 3, and meet with AspenTech experts to learn how our digital AI-powered solutions help your assets run safer, greener, longer and faster from pit to port. You’re also invited to a special VIP Cocktail Evening co-hosted by AspenTech at the Cause l Effect in Cape Town—one of the world’s top 50 bars—on 11 May at 18:00. Network with your peers while enjoying splendid food and drink in a fun, festive setting. Please contact us to get your invitation. The future starts with the digital mine, and AspenTech is here to help you on your journey!


Aspen Remote Services

Since the pandemic’s onset, companies have had to learn how to navigate huge shifts in demand, supply, workforce and economics. The transition to a more remote workforce and an increase in digital technologies is happening quickly. Aspen Remote Services is a service methodology by which the service work is conducted remotely and securely through virtual and digital technology. This methodology offers agility and cost advantages compared to on-premise services. It also provides these key benefits:


Aspen ProMV 브로슈어

Aspen ProMV는 생산 공정 내 변동의 실제 근본 원인을 발견할 수 있도록 지원합니다. FMC Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemicals와 같은 기업들이 어떻게 이 소프트웨어를 활용하여 제품의 품질과 수율, 생산성을 안정적으로 개선헸는지 알아보십시오.

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