Unlocking the Full Value of Batch Modeling

May 04, 2018

Unlocking the Full Value of Batch Modeling

Author: Jennifer Dyment

We spoke with Dr. Michael Call of Lubrizol about the three most important things he’s learned about process simulation during his career, and what he’s excited for in the future of batch modeling.

Harness the IIoT

May 01, 2018

You Don’t Have to Be an “Industrial MacGyver” to Harness the IIoT

Author: Keith Flynn

With IIoT cellular-enabled edge gateways, wireless sensors, edge-based connection software and cloud computing, we can now solve the issues of connecting remote assets and capturing the necessary sign...

Southeast Asian Refining ARTC 2018

April 27, 2018

Volatility, Change and Opportunity in Southeast Asian Refining

Author: Ron Beck

This year’s Asia Refining Technology Conference included a look at the new digital capabilities that enable the creation of a more intelligent asset — one capable of responding to shifting conditions.

Adaptability Is the Key

April 26, 2018

Adaptability Is the Key — for People and Process Control

Author: Rachel Lowell

If you want to maximize performance, you’ve got to be able to respond quickly to changing conditions. It’s all about adaptability.

Concurrent Engineering

April 19, 2018

It’s Time for Concurrent Engineering in the Process Industries

Author: Paul Donnelly

Find out how leading EPCs are utilizing this new way of working to win more projects and execute their project work more effectively.

Digital Transformation

April 17, 2018

Digital Transformation: Where is the Value?

Author: Matt Holland

As companies look to realize the maximum benefits of knowledge automation, it's critical to focus on enabling "digital workers."


April 10, 2018

Bringing Capability and Culture Together Is the Key to Digital Transformation

Author: John Hague

Find out why collaboration between Maintenance and Operations is critical to your asset performance management strategy.

Smart Manufacturing Systems

April 05, 2018

As We Enter the “Fourth Stage of Industrial Production,” What Do You Need to Know?

Author: Catherine Jablonsky

Smart manufacturing systems will be at the center of this revolution — it’s time to get familiar with them!


March 27, 2018

LNG: It Takes a Village

Author: Ron Beck

A diverse group of LNG professionals gathered recently to explore the ways they can leverage new digital technology to improve their asset-heavy businesses.

Pipeline Modeling With Confidence

March 21, 2018

Modeling Fluid Flow Hydraulics With Confidence

Author: Anum Qassam

Here are some tips to get the best results when using Aspen HYSYS® and Aspen HYSYS Hydraulics for pipeline network modeling and flow-assurance studies.

CERAWeek 2018

March 13, 2018

Technology Is Driving Value – Observations From CERAWeek 2018

Author: Antonio Pietri

Machine learning, big data and analytics are disrupting the upstream industry — and creating opportunities to achieve sustained operational excellence.

International Women's Day 2018

March 08, 2018

Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Leadership

Author: Catherine Rymsha

On International Women’s Day we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. At AspenTech we support and empower leaders through our Women’s Leadership Forum.