Confidence on Demand

June 20, 2018

Confidence on Demand: Eliminate Guesswork With Reliability Modeling

Author: Mike Strobel

With today’s advances in analysis and modeling, it’s possible to get a complete assessment of your current risks and underlying costs, so you can act with confidence. You can actually predict future p...

New Revenue Streams

March 05, 2018

EPCs: Find New Revenue in O&M

Author: Paul Donnelly

Here are six ways EPCs can leverage their existing modeling skills to optimize the operation of plants and bring in new business for their firms.

Always question your dynamic simulation

February 21, 2018

Always Question Your Dynamic Simulation

Author: Jennifer Dyment

Craig MacKay of the Xodus Group shares his take on the tricks, the value and the future of dynamic modeling.

 Upstream Digitalization and the Mature Asset

January 30, 2018

Upstream Digitalization and The Mature Asset

Author: Ron Beck

Technology such as virtual sensors and online models can help operators optimize returns from their older assets.

The Black Magic in Upstream: Experience Mixed with Digital Technology

January 16, 2018

The Black Magic in Upstream: Experience Mixed With Digital Technology

Author: Ron Beck

In today's competitive environment, it’s crucial to capture decades of deep process knowledge to run assets at a lower operating cost.