July 11, 2023

Accelerating Conceptual to Detail Design Workflows and the Role of Technical Debt

Author: Sonali Singh

A recent study from McKinsey highlighted that every organization has some degree of technical debt—stymieing important digitalization journeys.


June 28, 2023

The Value of Modeling and Simulation in Biopharma Process Development

Author: Kelly Doering

In conversation with Nima Yazdanpanah, founder and principal of Procegence, an on-demand modeling and simulation, implementation services and training consultancy


June 21, 2023

Students in India and China Build Skills to Address Dual Challenge

Author: Rocky Liu

More than 1/3 of the world’s population now resides in India and China. As both countries grow, the pressures mount on infrastructure, resources, workforce and environmental sustainability.


June 15, 2023

Time to Board the Digital Transformation Train

Author: Chuck Miller

IFPAC-2023 in review


June 15, 2023

Using Van Gogh's Approach to Unlock Project Value

Author: Enrique Guevara Estrada

What the famous Dutchman can teach us about acting quickly, with an eye towards a bigger picture


June 12, 2023

AspenTech Awarded "Digital Technology Provider of the Year" by FIPI

Author: Abhinav Chowdhary

Company recognized in consecutive years for innovation in sustainability technology


June 06, 2023

AspenTech is a Proud Sponsor of the Second Annual AWS Energy Symposium

Author: Carole Gunst

The symposium focused on how the energy systems of the future will enable organizations to optimize their businesses and accelerate innovation through new, data-driven solutions—based on AWS technolog...


May 26, 2023

AspenTech DataWorks 23 Recap

Author: Dwaine J. Plauche

Unlocking Hidden Value from Industrial Data


May 09, 2023

Digital Operating Strategies

Author: Pratibha Pillalamarri

Pratibha Pillalamarri, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, APM Solutions at AspenTech sits down with Shaun Johnston, Vice President, Digital Consulting at Wood after their panel discussion at 2023's ARC co...


April 26, 2023

When manufacturers struggle to scale digital projects, is decentralized data to blame?

Author: Dwaine J. Plauche

Failed digital transformation initiatives. Once-promising projects shelved or cancelled. Reliance on technologies that you know aren’t industry leading. Sound familiar? You are not alone.


April 24, 2023

Specialty Chemicals Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities

Author: Roch Gauthier

A conversation with George Baartmans, AspenTech Sr. Manager of Supply Chain Solution Consulting


April 19, 2023

AspenTech Achieves AWS Manufacturing and Industrial Competency

Author: Carole Gunst

This designation recognizes the company for expertise in providing customers with software solutions for an end-to-end Industrial Manufacturing Software toolchain.