August 16, 2023

One Year Later, the Inflation Reduction Act is Making a Difference

Author: Paige Marie Morse

Paige Marie Morse, Sustainability Advisor for AspenTech, reflects on the bill's impact one year later


June 21, 2023

Students in India and China Build Skills to Address Dual Challenge

Author: Rocky Liu

More than 1/3 of the world’s population now resides in India and China. As both countries grow, the pressures mount on infrastructure, resources, workforce and environmental sustainability.


May 30, 2023

AspenTech Hosts 150 Industry Leaders Throughout Asia

Authors: Tommy Kers, Tina Chee

Annual Management Forum Series Highlights Importance of Digitalization Strategies in Achieving Sustainability Goals


May 11, 2023

Collaborating to Advance Carbon Capture

Author: Gerardo Muñoz

Carbon8 and AspenTech Partner to Reduce Emissions in Hard-to-Abate Sectors


May 09, 2023

Digital Operating Strategies

Author: Pratibha Pillalamarri

Pratibha Pillalamarri, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, APM Solutions at AspenTech sits down with Shaun Johnston, Vice President, Digital Consulting at Wood after their panel discussion at 2023's ARC co...


April 27, 2023

Carbon Capture: The Need to Act

Author: Gerardo Muñoz

Companies across the globe are successfully relying on AspenTech's solutions to drive carbon capture.


April 22, 2023

Earth Day 2023 - Innovation Accelerates Drive to Sustainability

Author: Rasha Hasaneen

All over the world, Earth Day is a moment for both reflection and action.


April 12, 2023

Six Steps for Driving the Hydrogen Economy with Digital Technology

Author: Ron Beck

Unlock the potential of hydrogen projects with AspenTech's sustainable pathway for the hydrogen economy.


March 28, 2023

Great Expectations for Plastics Circularity

Author: Paige Marie Morse

Addressing the dual challenge includes plastic waste and requires embracing circularity and sustainability.


March 27, 2023

AspenTech Named to Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies

Author: Rasha Hasaneen

Company Recognized for Helping High-Emissions Manufacturers Reduce their Carbon Footprints


March 23, 2023

AspenTech & Emerson Launch New Demo at the Microsoft Energy Transition Center of Excellence

Author: Christa Fitzgibbons

AspenTech, Emerson and Microsoft are committed to working with energy and industrial companies to drive progress that advances their sustainability goals and helps them reach their net zero targets.


March 10, 2023

SME MINEXCHANGE 2023: Advanced Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Author: Brandon Richardson

Insights from the annual meeting held this year in Denver, Colorado.